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Take The Time to Relax

I have found an interesting phenomenon that happens to acreage owners. The first time you see the property you see beauty and protentional. There is magic in what already exists. There is hope in what could be. And then… And then... you start the work. Every acreage owner will reach the stage where they look at the same place that was full of magic and simply see a TO DO list. You will look around and only see what has not yet gotten done.

What you had thought would be a sanctuary brining you a sense fulfillment can start to feel like an overwhelming burden. It can be a constant reminder of what you are NOT getting done. Take a beat. If you are feeling this way know that it is normal. And then take it as a sign you sit and relax. Instead of looking around and seeing what is not done, look at what you have accomplished.

Here are some tips that helped me, and my dear husband take the time to relax.

Place of Peace

Find one place that has the right mood for relaxation. Make this the place you start and end your chores every day. Keeping one place in the magical state allows you to have that sanctuary you were seeking. This will be place you recharge your battery.

We have a patio garden that looks out over the fields. I have found when this area has weeds, is not clean, or needs to be mowed my whole sense of what I am doing here can be rocked. Making it the first place I start my chores gets me in motion. Before I know it, I am off into my chore list. At the end of the day, it is rewarding to come back to a place that is clean and clear. I can move my energy to that same state.

Before and After

Some of the work done on an acreage is invisible. But most of the work makes a visual impact. I strongly encourage people to before and after pictures. Save these photos to a special album in your phone. On those hard days sit in your place of peace and look through those photos. I love to do this as the sun is setting on the day with a cool beverage.

You will be surprised how quickly the stack of photos collect. Some of the hardest moments morph into funny stories that may have made you cry but now they make you laugh. This is a wonderful way to shift your mind from what needs to be done to what you have already accomplished.

Friends and Family

We see this property as a blessing. And there is no better way to celebrate blessings than sharing with friends and family. Having loved ones come together to share their lives has always been a grounding activity for me. Inviting them to come away from the city and sit in nature allows people to relax and be their authentic self.

The place of peace we have created makes a great backdrop for any celebration. Often when we are hosting people, they make a comment about the place. Getting to see it through their eyes gives me a fresh perspective.

We have found that taking the time to relax motivates us to keep the daily chores going. We are inspired to get that next project going. While the daily grind is important, it is just as critical to take the time to relax and recharge. We all need a day of rest.

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