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Clean The House and The Rest Will Follow

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

For generation upon generation chores have been a struggle between kids and their parents. Usually, it begins with a parent declaring it is time for chores to begin. The statement is quickly followed by growing, complaining, and excuses by the smaller humans. This pattern can start as soon as the young ones reach the age of four or five.

I have noticed that while my children may be slightly reluctant to help me, they are far more inclined to help me with a task rather than do something on their own. I have found that when we do an activity together it goes faster, smoother, and they will even talk with me. I have also discovered that adding music of their choice makes the entire process better. Probably has something to do with them having some control or say so in the situation.

When they go low, I go high. That is how we do household chores together. We do one room at a time. This ensures we have at least one room done and looking nice. Here is what Go-Low / Go-High cleaning looks like.

This should give you an idea of how we breakout the chore list for general rooms. You can apply this to other rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. When we do our own bedrooms, we do them at the same time. This gives me and my dear husband a chance to model the importance of cleaning your space. This is also the time we put away all the items in our own bin/basket.

We have found as the kids get older, they are able and ask to take on some of the Go High chores. They do not want to do the little kid tasks anymore. This has allowed us to be freed up to do some of the other tasks that need to get done. What has not changed is the conversations we have during this time. I have learned more about my children while their hands and minds are busy on other tasks.

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