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Eat What Heals You

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I am not a medical professional. I have no medical training. This blog is simply to share my story and journey of becoming a carnivore. There are carnivore groups on social media, and you will find a common theme; we consider ourselves patient zero. We are experimenting with what works for us. We are simply eating what heals us.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia twice. Twice? Yes, twice. This really feels like a diagnosis doctors give you when they do not know what else is causing the symptoms. None of the things happening seemed to make sense. My whole body was betraying me. Debilitating migraines. Unexplained pain. Unable to move when I woke up. The rushed trips to the bathroom. I would forget things faster than they were shared with me. And I will tell you that fatigue is not just being tired, and depression is not just being sad.

I worked with my doctor and for a couple of years I took all the medications they subscribed. I took medications on top of medications. In my twenties I was taking anywhere between five to ten different pills daily. I still struggled to get out of bed. I could not keep up with my family. I was an emotional mess. One difficult day my dear husband said, “This is not working, what if you stop all the medications. We just need to try something else.”

Now, he is not a medical professional and has no medical training. We were simply desperate. I called my family doctor and said I wanted to stop all medications for 30 days and then come back to her to do another assessment. She was hesitantly in support. So, I had a long talk with the lady in the mirror. If I was going to do this, I needed to also put in the work. I needed to change my way of eating. I needed to get exercise. I needed to get sleep. I needed to drink water.

I had great family support. I had fun water bottles. I was able to get eight hours of sleep every night. We went on a family walk after dinner every night. My dear husband and dear children would cheer me on even when I did not want to or was in pain. We would even stretch together when we got home. But the biggest and hardest change… No more sugar or sugar alternatives. NONE!!

You would not believe what foods they put sugar in until you start reading labels. And they hide it with other ingredients that typically end in “–ose” or “-ol.” I have found sugar in recipes for vegetables like green beans and carrots. I have found sugar in lunch meats and egg dishes. Our country is sugar obsessed.

In 30 days, I was feeling so much better. In 60 days, I was getting out of bed when my alarm went off. I had not had a migraine. In 90 days, I ran a 5K right alongside my dear husband. I was not taking a single pill. Losing fifteen pounds was not a terrible thing either. My mind was clearer. I was starting to feel a freedom from those invisible and undiagnosed binds that had a hold of me.

I started to notice that bread was an issue. Again, many of them had sugar. I had done some reading about complex vs. simple carbs. Out went all white grains. White flour and white rice were no more in my way of eating. I felt even better. I continued this way for several years.

Like everyone, I made mistakes. I am admittedly not as disciplined as I want to be. And while better, my symptoms were not gone. I would get frustrated and angry with the sacrifices I was making to still have pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, etc. I would try to argue, fight, and negotiate with my body. I would even eat sugar as a way of testing or punishing my body. I mean, everyone else can do it.

Well, bodies do not argue. They do not negotiate. The only thing I was doing was harming myself. When I went in for my next physical, I was pre-diabetic. I had gained back the fifteen pounds I had lost along with gaining another fifteen. Earlier that week I had heard about a carnivore way of eating. In the podcast they were talking about the wonders it had done on inflammation and autoimmune diseases. So, there I was having another 30-day discussion with a doctor.

I planned to go 30 days eating only meat, eggs, and dairy. She was concerned about cholesterol, nutrition, and blood pressure. So, we agreed to do labs at 30, 90, and 120 days. All turned out well. And pre-diabetes, gone. I had no pain. I had no fog. My skin looked better. I felt stronger. No migraines. When I am on this way of eating, I feel healed. I have medical training. I am my own patient zero. Work with medical professions. I encourage all people to do the work and EAT WHAT HEALS YOU.

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