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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

A summer grows warm and before the cool far air moves in our sedum is inundated with various bees and butterflies. Me and my dear children love to sit in our sunroom to watch the activity. There is already much published about the importance of pollinators. More and more people are working to raise awareness about the risk to our food supply if we lose these busy bodies from our gardens.

Here’s a guide to better understand some of the top pollinators in North America.

Many of these creatures are not aesthetically pleasing. People are afraid of bats, bees, and wasps. Some are disgusted by flies. When they are in their larvae stages and have yet to go through their transformations people see them as a pest and want to get rid of them. But these creatures are critical to our food source. We depend on them transforming from pupa, larvae, magots, and caterpillars to pollinate our plants. There is beauty and purpose to their transformation, just as there is in yours.

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