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I Do Not Want You to Get Scurvy

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Okay, let us talk about a myth. There are NOT a bunch of people on the carnivore way of eating (WOE) running around with scurvy. My doctor prescribed me a multi-vitamin because she did not want me to be the only person in my town diagnosed with scurvy. I have shared in previous posts about my interaction with doctors. I am lucky to have a good one, but even she was concerned about my vitamin C level.

This is not to dismiss the medical field. It is important to be aware that you are eating in a way that your body is getting the nutrition it needs. The challenge with the Standard American Diet (SAD) is that we have people consuming many calories and struggle with malnutrition.

Centrum Adult multi-vitamin contains 60mg of vitamin C. A typical orange has about 51.1mg of vitamin C. So, let us talk about where vitamin C comes from on the carnivore WOE. Using My Food Data - Free Nutrition Tools to Understand What You Eat, I have built the below table as a guide of some options to consider. When you want C think of the Sea.

There is no concern on this way of eating with taking a multi-vitamin. There is much research on that topic and debates on pills, liquids, powders, etc. But, as you sit and listen to someone discuss the NEED to have fruits and vegetables in your daily meals, consider that there are alternatives to the SAD and its food pyramid. I encourage you to look deeper, there is more to learn than what we are told.

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