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Plan And Host Calls That Matter

Meetings are an integral part of the business world. It is one of the key forms of communication brining parties together to collaborate. And yet, while this is such a critical part of success for a team. Meetings are often thrown together last minute with very little planning. This results in the meeting after the meeting, several follow up emails, or worse dissension amongst a team.

Planning for a successful meeting starts with three key elements: the title, the objective, and a rough agenda. Because everyone is limited to 24-hours in a day it is important to be clear upfront with attendees why you are requesting their time. The title should reflect the key topic being discussed. Your objective should clearly define the reason for the call and the one to two outcomes you are hoping to achieve. By providing a rough agenda you are information the attendees how detailed the discussion will be.

Once you have a good meeting invite created and sent, it is time to plan the call. I have included a call plan that has proven successful for me my colleagues for several years. Taking the time to complete the Call Plan form ensures I am ready with the information needed to lead a successful call. The format is structured so that it can be used during the call for taking notes. After the call this form can be sent out as meeting minutes. Remember… I only get those same 24-hours; I don’t have time to create multiple documents – even if they are important.

Using this format will allow you to facilitate a meaningful call. You will also be able to have an effective follow-up if it is necessary. I have found I am able to build trust and respect with colleagues as they know when I ask for their time it will be put to good use. It is important to know where the road leads before you ask others to follow.

Call Plan (Plenitudeco)
Download PDF • 114KB

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