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Generate Motivation

Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton we know that an object at rest stays at rest. While his first law of motion was referring to physical objects in the world, it is the same for our state of being. How many times have you been laying around watching a show on Netflix only to have the screen pop up and ask if you are still watching? Ever had the thought you should get up and get things done only to hit the continue watching button and continue to lay there letting time pass by? Yes, I have been there too.

In another field a scientist, Lowen defined a grounding technique to help people struggling with anxiety. The approach uses the senses to disrupt the mind to allow people to reduce the symptoms of their anxiety. Finding something to see, something to smell, something to hear, something to touch, and something you can taste distracts the brain.

When I learned about this grounding technique and how it can disrupt the mind I immediately wondered if it could help take me from rest to motion. This is how I generate motivation, today.

Something I See

I encourage everyone to keep their “Why,” their one word, and their goals visible. Make a poster. Make a vision board. Take a picture of that thing and put it on your lock screen on your phone. That is what you will see every day. Several times a day.

Most of us living in the digital era look at our phones. It has been reported that we look at our phones on average ever ten minutes. Put your vision on your lock screen. It will naturally set your mind around what you are trying to achieve.

Something I Smell

This is unique for everyone. This could be a diffuser you only use when working your goals. It could be the smell of your body wash because you prefer to shower to before you get started. It could be the smell. This could even be the smell of a yoga mat, money, a food you like to have for a specific meal. For me, it is coffee.

When I am laying there, doing nothing, and then look at my phone, I get up and start a cup of coffee. That smell is soothing and inspiring to me. Smelling it brew gets my mind going with thoughts beyond what’s flashing on a screen.

Something I Hear

I once worked with a man who would ask everyone, “If you had a theme song, what would it be?” When he knew you had had a difficult day, he would play your theme song when you walked in the next day. People could not help but laugh and smile. It also encouraged those who overheard the song to join in the fun and become supportive.

Following the smell of coffee, I get up and grab the cup. By the time I prepare it, I have checked my phone again and start my theme song playlist. Yes, over the years I have developed an entire play list of them. The fun part of the list is that they have become reminders of the number of times I have overcome the difficult day.

Something I Touch

Another item that can be unique. Some days it can be the feel of my warm coffee cup. Some days it can be the feel of a piece of fabric from my favorite outfit. It could be the goal outfit you are trying to get into shape for. Touch something that connects you to your goal. It could even be running your hands over your goal.

Doing this reminds you of your “Why.” It allows the part of your brain that decided this goal was important to activated. As the inspiration from the smell of the coffee has my mind awake and the music has started to elevate my thinking, I find myself at my desk. The touch item for me most often is my keyboard. So much of my “voice” comes through these keys. I am very particular about my keyboard. I love the size, shape, and even the way the keys feel as I type.

Something To Taste

Have you ever heard people comment about being so close to their goal they could taste it? I have often wondered, what does it taste like? This may require some stronger visualization work. Really think through what you are trying to achieve. You may have to close your eyes and visualize that moment of success. It could be something you taste repeatedly along the journey – water, green vegetables, or even a meal you plan to have one you celebrate.

To make this one work you do not have to put anything in your mouth. It can just be visualizing what that celebration meal will taste like. At the same time, this could be your reminder that you are trying to drink more water. At this point, I know it will not surprise you to know my something to taste is that first sip of coffee. Coffee and I have reached many goals together and it now tastes like inspiration, motivation, and success all rolled up into one.

By the time I work through my five senses with my goal in focused I am so far away from Netflix that I have gone from rest to in motion. I have disrupted my brain and set it on the track to motivation. Even on hard days this is all enough to just get me to complete the first small task. By picking yourself up with this specific technique you are going to create a different result in your life. And by completing that I build momentum.

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