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Traveling on September 11th

Traveling on September 11th still feels different 22 years later. The airport noise is more of a soft hum rather than the loud rumbles. People are kinder and even gracious. I have heard several customers thank TSA.

This country was rocked to its core just 22 years ago. And it seems we have not yet forgotten. TSA is still holding their high standards to ensure nobody bring something onto a plane they shouldn't. Dogs walk the aisles ensuring there are substances that could cause harm.

I was traveling just two weeks ago and there was not the same sober feeling. People were not showing reverence for the flight crews like they are today. People were not being as kind and patient with one another.

The feeling of gratitude to those who gave all is almost overwhelming. All who get to call America home should feel the privilege granted to them by those who have come before. Not only are we safe, but we are free.

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