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Grateful For You!

This post is a bit different. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a momnt to express my gratitude for all who have participated in this blog. I have had editors, cheerleaders, advisors, and most important to any blog… readers.

As the years go on I have more to say. It may come from having a bit of experience. But, mostly I think it comes from having more questions than answers. I am incredibly curious. I seek first to understand – ALWAYS! Having these posts each week has pushed me to learn more about the world around me and the world within me.

Being able to share my findings and thoughts here ensures I will not just learn, but I will understand. My hope is to help at least one other person have a better understanding of themselves or the world around them.

I appreciate your support and encouragement. Please continue with the comments, messages, and feedback. I will keep listening, writing, and seeking to understand!

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